OC Roller Girls in Orange County California

Featured Skater- Rolla Cholla

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Rolla Cholla is one of the Wheel Housewives of OC’ fastest jammers. Her nimble moves and sprightly skating style let her swoop past the competition while scoring points for OC. Rocking the jammer panties and her hot pants, Rolla is beautiful and talented. While not playing derby, Rolla plays hockey and hangs with her family. Her skate number, 49, is a reference to an unbelievable fact…her age! We’re not sure if we believe her, but Rolla tells us she is 49 years young! Watch Rolla sweep past skaters half her age on Saturday and I’m sure you’ll agree: She’s an inspiration to us all. Go Rolla!
Photo by Ralph Palumbo, featured in Orange Coast magazine

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