OC Roller Girls in Orange County California

Bring On the Banked Track

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Help OC Roller Girls Build the Banked Track!

Since 2006, the OC Roller Girls have been serving up flat track Roller Derby to Orange County, CA and now 170 OC Roller Girls want to shake up the game by building a banked track and need your help and in a hurry.

Orange County Roller Girls Banked Track!

In 2008 you were the first to hear that we were going to go bitraxual and it took us awhile to find the perfect spot. In 5 seasons, we have grown from 20 members to 170+ with 7 teams that travel all over the country and plans for international travel. In addition to the always-entertaining tumbles, takedowns, dogpiles and debacles, our home bouts feature music and special appearances.

We have worked hard to develop our league and our teams. We have awesome volunteers, dedicated coaching, support and executive staff, we now operate our own skate school and retail store to sell our swag, roller skates and supplies and we are rolling along faster than expected. Now that we have established ourselves on and off the track and thanks to the BEST FANS EVER- together we will take this league to the next level.[ Read More ]

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