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Banked Track News – Pro Roller Derby Invitational

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Pro Derby Tournament OC Roller Girls vs Charm City

Pro Derby Tournament OC Roller Girls vs Charm City

ProRollerDerby Invitational:

Charm City vs OC Roller Girls, Grave Danger vs AZ Derby Dames, OC Roller Girls vs Grave Danger
by Busta Armov Photo by Richard Kimbrough
Glendale, AZ – The ProRollerDerby Glendale Invitational was a weirdly cool event in so many ways. In every way, it felt like a normal roller derby event. Except almost all the dirty work normally handled by the skaters, was taken care of. Flights and accommodations were taken care of. The hotel had real nice rooms and a firepit. Almost no one seemed stressed about money.

Except for the prize money. Top prize was $5,000, second place was a not shabby $3,000, and even $1,000 could cover all sorts of things for skaters or a league. The skaters were all a little more focused, the way you see at the Big 5 WFTDA tournaments. It’s the sort of vibe that makes you think these four teams will do almost anything to win.

You can find supporting evidence for that in the penalty stats and the penalty benches that stayed warm all weekend. The team in the box least frequently won.

The teams were an interesting mix. The Arizona Derby Dames, the local anchor team for the event, in their third season as a banked track league and aggressively training to join the Banked Rank Division I mesa where the LA and SD Derby Dolls, Team Legit, Team Bionic, WFTDA A-Listers Rocky Mountain, Gotham Girls, and Oly…all sit in their Division I fortress of unbeatitude.

OC Roller Girls was the first WFTDA league to send a team to play on the banked track, for the first Battle On The Bank. They were also the first league in the WFTDA to leave. Now they have their own banked track, but still play both flat and banked track games. At last year’s Battle on the Bank, they lost by only 10 points to AZDD. But OCRG has also lost many of the players on that team.

Rat City Roller Girl’s Grave Danger, is one of their intraleague teams, which has a couple of Team Legit players on it and the amazing Carmen Getsome. While their normal game is flat track within their league, they’ve been playing a fair amount of interaleague, games between different leagues featuring at least one intraleague team, and this event is their third on the banked track.

The Charm City Roller Girl’s are the only team in the ProRollerDerby Invitational that has no common link with the other teams in the event. They’ve made it to the WFTDA Championships twice now, practiced on an old school track and scrimmaged under RDCL rules on a flat track. Their game against OCRG would be their first banked track game ever, and they were the only team that had never seen a Kitten Traxx track in real life. But given the competitive level of “first banked track game” for leagues at CCRG’s skill level, they’ll take to it like they’ve been skating it all along by the end of the first quarter.


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