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The OC Roller Girls (OCRG) held the first banked track match in their new home Santa Ana. The Orange Whips beat the Traffic Jammers in a close bout that stayed exciting until the end with the final score being 155 (Orange Whips) – 145 (Traffic Jammers).

This was our first time at a banked track event and it was 10 times the excitement of their flat track matches. The action was fast paced and bigger hits. The bout (game) consists of 2 periods each one being 30 minutes and an unlimited number of jams can be played in that time period. A jam is 1 minute unless the lead jammer calls it off early by putting her hands on her hips. Their are up to 5 players from each team on the rink. One jammer (star on helmet), one Pivot (stripe on helmet) and 3 blockers. Jammers score points by passing members of the opposing team. Penalties can be accrued through illegal hits which include using elbows, tripping, blocking from behind and holding.

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