OC Roller Girls in Orange County California

We Need Your Help!

Building Our Future Together
In 2006, the OC Roller Girls burst on the scene to become Orange County’s roller derby league, borne of the blood, sweat and tears of about 20 members. Since the early days, the league has been DIWO (do it with others). CHECK OUT FULL HISTORY HERE
With your help we have grown the league into one of the most recognized derby leagues in the region to include 12 teams and a strong training program. We have expanded to include our own skate school and our own retail skate supply shop that carries OCRG goodies. All this growth made it necessary for us to step up our game to continue to thrill the greatest fans!!
Building The Banked Track ($18,000)
In 2011, thanks to your help we were able to purchase some of supplies, build our banked track, host arena and warehouse games, place 5th at Battle on the Bank Tournament in Arizona and made the front page (twice) of the OC Register.  We planned for more games in the last half of the year but in October, we found out that the practice space we were using would no longer be available and the track had to go into storage. We then began the hunt for a new home. There were additional expenses during this time for time rental, games at arena and marketing to try and get funded and we were able to raise some of what we needed but we had to borrow the majority of the funds needed.
Photo of OC Roller Girls by Jay Mungia Moving In To Our Banked Track Home ($28,000)
Finding an indoor home for our banked track was no easy task. Our track needs at least 8,000 sf of open space with a high ceiling and no poles. The building had to have parking, bathrooms and flooring that can handle the track. The owners and managers of the building had to be supportive of our derby program and the city needed to be derby friendly.  Did I mention we had to do all this within our member-supported budget? We found a building and signed a lease. We reused much of what we had at our other location and we had a ton of donated labor but it was expensive to move. Expenses: Furniture: throw rugs, locker rooms seating, mirrors, fridge, folding tables, desk, downstairs display, Cleaning: entire building, Internet, phone printer, alarms wiring and hook ups, Deposits: water, trash, rent payments of first, last and security, insurance, electric, Trucks to move track, Permits & taxes:
Getting the Building Up To Code & Ready: ($80,000 )
We thought moving was expensive until we found out how much time and money it takes to make our new home work. Thanks to the generosity of our skaters and extended derby family and supporters we had some funding, professional skills and time donations to help with some of these upgrades.  We are still left with a huge bill and are now focused and working hard to pay that loan back.
Thank you to everyone that has helped or is helping to make this happen!
The City of Santa Ana and the local community have been wonderful trying to bring our dreams to reality but the building required a lot of permits, inspections, fees and work to get it improved to code. This has really required tons of support and sacrifice from our members and fans during bumping practices, losing the locker rooms for months, having to rent additional time other places, having to use port a potties, being under construction for so long, having to cancel games and juggle events. We have had to be project managers and make it happen while trying to “just” play roller derby.
Expenses: Bathrooms: Added ADA bathroom: added hand rails, moved plumbing, removed concrete, moved walls, built out door frames, tore down and built back drywall on all walls and ceiling, demo roof in bathroom to get to electricity – which all needed brought up to code, added required exhaust fans which caused new ventilation and cut roof, replaced doors and jambs as they were not wide enough, upgraded fixtures to levels not knobs

Doors improved to code: All exit doors needed to switch direction as they swung in not out, all doors needed easy exit releases; all interior doors needed new handles

Parking lot: Added ramp to entrance, updated signage, moved parking spot, added curb, removed weeds & trees as they had overgrown signage, removed abandoned vehicle, fixed fence

Tools and rentals needed : jackhammers, cement, rented roll off and paid for trips to the dump for construction debris

Professional Services required: Electricians, Plumbers, Architect, Contractors, Structural Engineer, Drywallers, Designers and other tradespeople

Locker Rooms: Patched, repaired and painted all walls and floor, installed lighting

Upstairs: Added drywall and painted all exposed walls, removed and replaced 6 boarded up windows with real windows, sanded and stained the floor, installed carpet in offices, sanded and stained wood floors, repaired and installed lighting in both offices and upstairs lobby, painted stairs, added security roll up door, added handrails

Lighting: Replaced all broken overhead fixtures downstairs, added emergency exit lights

Safety: Replaced and added fire extinguishers, repaired missing drywall near pipe upstairs, added smoke alarms, added grip tape to stairs, repaired HVAC thermostat and heater, fixed exposed and antiquated phone and electrical wiring, added security cameras for entire building, changed locks on all doors, added safety paint to front windows

2015 We are looking for a new home
We want to  continue to host our flat and furious games in Huntington Beach and banked track games in our own home. We need to find a new home for our track, to put you, our fans, up close and personal to some of the most hard-hitting, fast-paced banked derby action around.
We are currently in need of your skills, supplies or assistance as we make way for the future!
Please let us know how you would like to help and lets get this rolling!
DONATE through PayPal to info (at) ocrollergirls (dot) com
Donate to any skater or mail to the  SHOP
Thank you so much!
OC Roller Girls