OC Roller Girls in Orange County California

Members FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do I need my own skates to join OC Roller Girls?
A: You should have your own skates when you join the league. We occasionally have loaners at the shop.

Q: What other sort of equipment do I need before I join?
A: As a minimum, you will need a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a mouth guard. Some girls also wear knee gaskets and padded shorts.

Q: What is the best brand of skates/wheels/equipment to buy?
A: There are many good brands of equipment out there. The best advice is to go into a local roller skate shop to discuss your specific needs and talk to someone that can explain all the wheel types and help you select a skate that fits your skate style. You can purchase everything you need to get started (skates, pads, helmet, mouth guards, uniforms etc.) at OC Roller Skates, which is located at 5555 McFadden Huntington Beach, CA 92649 . Their phone number is (714) 847-9097. Their website is ocrollerskates.com.

Q: How do I get a uniform shirt?
A: We have all the uniform shirts you need right at our very own OC Roller Skates shop . Not only can you get your uniform shirt there, you can also have it printed up with your name and number.

Q: How do I register my derby name?
A: Once you have joined OCRG, you send an email to names at oc roller girls dot com with your real name, your derby name, and your number. You do not have to choose a name right away. The best names come about organically and should develop as you improve your skating skills. It is important however that you do not share the same derby name with either a famous skater in our little world or the name of a skater based on the West Coast. You can check out http://www.twoevils.org/rollergirls/ to see if your derby name is taken by another skater in our region. Don’t get too hung up on one name or another … you may have to change it if it does not get approved.

Q: What do I put on my helmet?
A: Your derby name should be on the right side of the helmet (the side which faces the audience) and your number should be on the left side of the helmet (the side which faces the referees). The number should be 2” high and in a color that is contrasting to the helmet color to ensure maximum visibility. Start with masking tape with a name until your number is approved. We can then get you a custom sticker or custom paint job once you are sure of your name.

Skill Level/Training/Do I Need to Know How To Skate?

Q: Do I need to be an athlete to participate in Derby or have any prior skating or athletic experience?
A: Though it helps to have experience and have an athletic background, it is not a requirement. You will learn to skate and become an athlete through the rigorous training in practices.

Q: I want to learn to skate but I do not want to hit or be hit. Is there a place for me in OC Roller Girls?
A: We offer “Fresh Squeezed” and “Fit not Hit” classes. Super basic skating skills are taught in the “Freshie” class to prepare the skater for Rookie teams. “Fit not Hit” will focus more on skating fitness.

Q: Are there any medical conditions that are prohibitive to skating/derby?
A: You should check with your doctor before engaging in any physical activity or sport to make sure you are healthy enough to handle it. That being said, we have a lot of girls on the league with varying past injuries and medical conditions who are able to participate in the sport and excel. They, of course, do so under the supervision of their doctors.

Q: Do people get really hurt doing this sport?
A: This is a full contact sport and injuries do occur. We try to minimize these injuries by teaching you first how to skate properly in our “Freshie” and “Fit not Hit” classes and then we teach the proper way to play derby in our Fresh Meat class. Our emphasis is always on correct form and safety. Protective gear is essential in avoiding serious injury.

Q: How Do I find out what time are practices?
A: Once you have joined the league, you will be given access to the main practice calendar, which contains our calendar. Practice times are listed on the calendar so you always know where you need to be and when.

Joining OC Roller Girls

Q: Do I need a team to join the league?
A: No, you do not need to bring a requisite number of girls with you in order to join OCRG. You will start out as a Freshie and as your skills improve, you will be able to try out for our rookie, home teams and travel teams.

Q: Is there a cost to join the league?
A: Your first investment will be your personal health insurance, skates and safety equipment. There are monthly dues paid in advance. More information about this at orientation.

Q: Do I need insurance to join the league?
A: Yes! Insurance is a must. We require every member & skater to maintain personal health insurance.

Q: What is the minimum age to join the league?
A: For our regular league, the minimum age is 18. There is no maximum age. For our girls junior league, the age range is 8-17.

Q: Where can I learn more about how to join?
A: Send us an RSVP for the next orientation at membership at ocrollergirls dot com so we can get you rolling.