OC Roller Girls in Orange County California

Practice Rules and Regulations



1. You must wear all required protective gear: helmet, knee, elbow, wrist guards & mouth guard while in your skates. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. You must be a current and official member of OC Roller Girls in good standing.

3. Your dues must be current, or you must purchase a one day membership.

4. You must have your own personal health insurance, and an up-to-date copy must be kept on file at the OC Roller Girls office.  It is YOUR DUTY to update this information.

5. You must complete and execute all OC Roller Girls membership, indemnity, insurance and liability waiver forms at least once per year.

6. You must be female age 8-17 to skate junior practice, or adult male or female age 18+ to skate adult fitness, derby or referee practice or classes.

7. Any member must adhere to current of conduct available on yahoo group under files.

Understand the following: Only official coaches and official trainers may coach or train members on skating and roller derby skills. There will be helpful skaters that might lend peer advice on what works for them, but official training is limited to our official coach and training team. If an official coach or trainer requests that you remove your skates and/or depart from the OC Roller Girls practice area for whatever reason at any time, you must immediately comply.  Any complaints or concerns may be brought in writing to OC Roller Girl’s main offices.

By putting on your skates, you are indicating that you have read, understood, and are in compliance with the above rules, and that you have READ THE RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT, FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS, UNDERSTAND THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANIAL RIGHTS BY, AND FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY WITHOUT ANY INDUCEMENT.  An additional copy is available at any time upon request.  You attest that you are physically fit and have been trained for this activity.  You also waive and release the use of your photograph or likeness for any reason or purpose.  YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS HAZARDOUS SPORT!  YOU AGREE TO ASSUME FULL RESPOINSIBILTY FOR ALL INJURIES AND MEDICAL EXPENSES INCURRED WHILE PARTICIPATING OR ATTENDING THE EVENT OR PROGRAM.

Please direct any and all inquiries to the OC Roller Girls coach on duty.