OC Roller Girls in Orange County California


 Skate with A Friend“Fresh Squeeze” Basic Skating Skills
This is your first stop to learn skating fundamentals in a pressure-free environment (both flat and banked). Emphasis is placed on proper skating form. Learn striding, stopping, turns, backward skating, balance, speed and agility all in an effort to prepare you for fun recreational skating or roller derby.  The focus is on learning how to skate for derby and the general points of derby game play. Skaters at this level should be studying the WFTDA rules on their own and watching derby bouts (in person and on video) to create a basic working knowledge of the game. Skaters at this level, who  desire to move up, should be skating outside of practice on a regular basis focusing on both skills and endurance.

“Fit-No-Hit” or “Rock and Rollers” is Roller Fitness
Lace up your skates for fitness and fun without the impact of roller derby. Special emphasis on proper skating form and fundamentals while getting a great cardio workout.

Skater Tots” Roller Skating (Not active at this time)
This is a basic roller skating class for girls ages 5-10. There is a class for fun and track time for girls. It is not a contact or roller derby training class.

“Rookie” or “Crash Test Bunnies” is Beginner Roller Derby
Have what it takes to be a Derby skater? This class teaches the basics of the game for both banked and flat track roller derby training and prepares skaters for competitive play in our “mini-bouts.” This is for  beginners who have passed a minimum skills test and who are deemed capable enough to begin contact drills. CTB’s are to attend FRESHIE/CTB practices to continue to hone their skating skills/endurance and then will be worked into play with the BBB’s when invited to do so by the coaches or captains. CTB’s should plan on staying for scrimmage (as a non-skater learning the game) and then to actually play when tapped by coaches or captains. CTB’s should have a good working knowledge of the WFTDA rules and be able to follow ref commands on the floor.

“Club Team” or “Back Bay Bombshells” is Beginner/ Intermediate Roller Derby
Our club teams are a mix of  rookie and home game only skaters.  Club team (Back Bay Bombshells)  consist of former rookie skaters who have battled it out to earn their way on to a  team and a few vets that do not have the availability to commit to a travel team.  Skaters at this level are scrimmaging, learning strategy, developing more advanced skating skills and continuing their familiarity with the WFTDA rule set. Skaters at this level have the possibility of being rostered for a bout but there is no guarantee that every BBB will play in every game. The roster will be created with a few concerns in mind including (but not limited to): skill set of the opposing team, skill set of individual players, safety, attendance, team needs (jammers/blockers/pivots) etc. Skaters at this level are expected to want to continue improving in both their skating and derby play. BBB’s will skate alongside higher level teams at some practices.

“Travel Teams” Roller Derby
The skaters on Psycho Ex-Girlfriends and Chorizo & Eggs make up our highest level side roller derby. Skaters travel to battle opponents on both the flat track and banked tracks and play in 10+ bouts a year.

Ref & Non-Skating Officials Training
These classes teach recruits how to call the shots and enforce the rules.


We would love to meet you and can answer any questions you might have at a free 30 minute orientation at our home office in Santa Ana.  Please fill out the request below and we will confirm what dates are available.

After you participate in orientation, have your gear and are signed up for dues, you are ready to roll at the next Freshie practice.  Our flat track skating classes are held in Garden Grove, Fountain Valley and in Huntington Beach, CA while our banked track classes are held at 1947 S. Main St. in Santa Ana, CA.

To be on skates for any of our classes you:

• Need personal health insurance (please bring a copy with you)

• Must be 18+ to join adult roller derby and a photo ID (bring a copy with you)

• Must be 8+ girl to join Jr. Girl derby or 5+ for skater tots roller skating

• Mandatory Gear: You will need skates, helmet, pads (knee, elbow, wrist)  & a mouth guard. Everything you need to get started can be borrowed (if available) or purchased at OC Roller Skates.

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