OC Roller Girls in Orange County California

Info for Bands

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  • The first thing that bands should know is that OCRG bouts are officially an unpaid gig. OCRG is a volunteer organization. None of the skaters, refs, or announcers are paid – in fact they all pay to be here. If attendance at the bout is high enough to cover expenses, and the crowd likes the band, the league may “tip” the band after the bout. Bands should primarily be playing to support the skaters and fans.

  • We really do value your music and the time and effort you put into it. We hope that roller derby will become popular enough in Orange County that we can afford to pay bands what they are worth. But at this time, we can’t afford to do things differently.

  • Currently, we are only able to have bands at our “flat track” bouts. This is a space issue. The flat track bouts are held at The Rinks roller-hockey rink in Huntington Beach where there is plenty of room for fans, bands, and even dancing. Our “banked track” bouts are held at our facility in Santa Ana which is mostly filled with the track itself.

  • Bands need to be aware that the OCRG bout schedule is subject to change. Dates can shift, bouts may be added or removed, and bouts may change from banked to flat (or vice versa). We will try to let you know as soon as we are able, but please keep an eye on the schedule page of our web site. Likewise, we ask that bands keep us informed if their situation changes and they may not be able to play at a bout they were scheduled at. Sometimes things happen that we can’t control, and we may need to ask a band to change from one date to another. Flexibility is a virtue that we really appreciate in our bands.

  • OCRG bouts are “all ages” events and they attract people of ALL AGES – from very little kids to senior citizens. Bands should keep this in mind when choosing material. Our rinks are awesome for skating, but acoustically, they sound like… well… skating rinks. Please be prepared for this. Some styles of music sound great in a room designed for music performance, but not so good here. Music with “space” in the sound tends to work best. Don’t get us wrong! We LOVE heavy music, but we tend to avoid it at our bouts because the acoustics of the rinks make it hard for people to hear.

  • Bands are welcome to sell merchandise and hand out promotional material if they have it. We will provide space for a merch table, but you should bring your own table and someone to man it.

  • Bands need to bring EVERYTHING that they need to play. Mic stands, cables, a rug for the drummer – everything. Bands need to bring their own PA system. It doesn’t need to be huge, but it should be big enough to cover a large noisy rink. One of the most important things that bands need to bring is a heavy duty 50ft extension cord. The outlet is not near the “stage” area and it may be difficult to get power if you don’t bring one. Lastly, the stage area is quite a ways from the parking area, so cart or dolly is a very good item to bring.

  • Bands should arrive one hour before doors open to set up and sound check. Please check with your contact person (or bands@ocrollergirls.com) to get info on the time and place you should load in. Most OCRG bouts are “double headers”. Bands play for about 20-30 minutes before the first bout, during half time (about 15-20 mins), between the first and second bout (about 20 mins) and during half time at the second bout. Bands should wait until most of the crowd has left the rink before loading out.

  • Band members and two crew members get in free at load in. The band can also put up to 10 guests on the comp list who will also get in free when the doors open. We need everyone’s names as early as possible. We know it can be difficult to get people to commit in advance, but please help us out by getting your list to us 10 days (or earlier) before the bout.

  • OCRG bouts are really fun gigs to play. Most of our bands come back and play for us multiple times. It’s a great promotional opportunity for your band, and you will be helping to support roller derby in Orange County.

  • Please direct all inquiries to bands at ocrollergirls dot com